I have been messing around, on a very amateur basis, for a few years now, using my own name as the domain name.  I have a couple of other websites that I manage and will expand on these in the near future.

Meanwhile, I have been applying myself to improving my art, painting mostly in oils and watercolour. 

A couple of years ago, I started as an Art Tutor with a local not for profit organisation, the Arts, Craft and Activities Group.  Student numbers were slowly growing with about 10 students attending until the Covid-19 crisis hit. 

This year (2021) the Arts, Craft and Activities Group had a promotional drive and the numbers increased to 18 to 20 attending the Art Classes on Fridays.  The increased number led to a change in the way I gave demonstrations of painting techniques to the class. 

I started using videos to get the demonstrations to the students and that set me to thinking of other opportunities to utilise this system.